Nursing Malpractice Fourth Edition Vol. 1


An outstanding reference for the attorney, legal nurse consultant, insurance claim adjuster, healthcare risk manager, or healthcare facility leader involved in a nursing malpractice claim. This newly revised Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition, Volume I is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of nursing malpractice litigation.

This extensively revised and updated edition of a classic covers the spectrum of the nursing process–from the neonate to the oldest nursing home resident. It gives a comprehensive overview of nursing responsibilities.

Volume 1, Foundations of Nursing Malpractice Claims, covers broad range topics such as patient safety, nursing practice, damages, and litigation of nursing malpractice claims. Included are new chapters on the view of the actuary and e-discovery.

Included are new chapters on respiratory care, school nursing, dialysis therapy, telephone triage, nurse practitioners, healthcare-acquired conditions, and falls and their consequences.

A unique blend of attorneys, nurse attorneys, nurse expert witnesses, legal nurse consultants, physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, jury consultants, actuaries, and legal photographers contributed chapters for this book. This text remains the only one on the market written for attorneys on nursing malpractice using such a broad base of expert authors. In short, this comprehensive book is an excellent and important addition to your nursing malpractice library.

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