Gracie Standing with Hope



“I am so glad the time has come for Gracie and Peter to share this amazing story with the world. You will carry it with you always.” -Jeff Foxworthy “Thank you, Peter and Gracie, for lifting our own burdens as you bear your hearts in this remarkable book.” -Joni Eareckson-Tada. “I have met many brave, inspirational people through the years but Gracie Rosenberger has to be the most extraordinarily courageous individual I have ever known.” – Kathy Lee Gifford “An extraordinary, magical memoir of bravery, perseverance, faith, and love.”

Senator Bill Frist, MD former Majority Leader, United States Senate Eventually, we must face losing control of our bodies, causing many to live in fear and despair. Sometimes, this loss of control happens in a violent and tragic way, birthing a discovery of greater truths to individuals through suffering …who in turn become beacons of hope to millions.

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